We started out in 1995 as MBA Information Systems and have been evolving!

MBA, has years of experience in Sales, Marketing, and Project Management.  We have been involved in many successful IT and engineering implementations and have enjoyed representing many products from IBM, VMware, Medtronic, 3M, Minolta, Cisco, Security and Cloud hosting services.  We, developed a network with very experienced Associates to bring in well researched and well implemented solutions to our clients.  This network sets us apart and our customers / vendors recognize that.  We have branched out to work in areas of Staffing, IT Marketing, Project Management, IT Consulting, Disaster Recovery, and Higher Availability. 

Now with Cloud, Virtualization, Increased Bandwidth, we focus on solutions to keep technology a utility, always available and secure.  Attach with a plug or via Wi-Fi, and your solutions should always be there, even when production systems go off line for maintenance, power grid interruption, data circuit cuts...?

We obtained first hand Medical Industry experience working in hospitals / surgery centers / physician offices and addiction clinics around the US.

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