With years of IT sales & marketing experience we feel right at home helping you generate a project to market your solution into various types of accounts.  We work to build customized marketing campaigns with you to generate interest and qualify prospective clients.  We conduct webinars, make appointments, drive event attendance, update databases, exhibit and work trade shows on your behalf, and follow-up with phone calls and meetings to determine if the solution is a right fit for the client. 

Together lets focus on our expertise, you for driving the business Manufacturing/Distribution/Services, and MBA for driving Sales and Marketing, websites, brochures, CRM, feet on the street. 

We can provide prospective customer lists or help you qualify your lists, prepare scripts for telemarketing, build web sites, we become an extension of your firm in helping achieve the results you are looking for.

since 1995
your IT Sales / Marketing PM, Coach, Leader
We are looking forward to meeting you!