Certified Project Management (PMP)

The strength of MBA is taking your ideas of innovation, and constructing a detailed Project Management Plan to successfully have it implementated. We may also establish and work on the project in an Agile Project framework rather than a waterfall approach. We work in the areas of:
  • Initiation - Charter, Requirements definition
  • Planning - Defining Scope, WBS, Budgets, Comm.
  • Executing - Managing, Verifiying, procuring
  • Monitoring - Reporting, Controlling
  • Closing - Reviewing Acceptance Criteria, Contracts
  • Waterfall or Agile

What seperates us, is leadership, vision, and communication skills. Bottom line is increasing the probability of a very successful project in any area of your business.

MBA is a member in good standing with the National Project Management Institute (PMI), has held several Board positions for the WMPMI Chapter www.wmpmi.org and attends conferences and seminars in project management regulary.
since 1995
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