Certified Project Management (PMP)

The strength of MBA is taking your ideas of innovation, and constructing a detailed Project Management Plan to successfully have it implementated. We may also establish and work on the project in an Agile Project framework rather than a waterfall approach. We work in the areas of:
  • Initiation - Charter, Requirements definition
  • Planning - Defining Scope, WBS, Budgets, Comm.
  • Executing - Managing, Verifiying, procuring
  • Monitoring - Reporting, Controlling
  • Closing - Reviewing Acceptance Criteria, Contracts
  • Waterfall or Agile

What seperates us, is leadership, vision, and communication skills. Bottom line is increasing the probability of a very successful project in any area of your business.

MBA is a member in good standing with the National Project Management Institute (PMI), is a Board Vice President for the WMPMI Chapter www.wmpmi.org and attends conferences and seminars in project management.
since 1995
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